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Logic Locks

Logic Locks is looking for Interns who like to explore the world of a small but growing business that produces real-life and escape games. We currently work on two new Escape Rooms which we will manage ourselves. Besides this consult and design puzzle driven experiences for corporate and private clients. On top of this we host ‘Up The Game’ which is the first international conference for Escape Rooms & Real-Life Gaming. This keeps us connected to cutting edge developments and innovation in the real-life gaming scene.

Generally we are looking for multi-talented individuals who can contribute in the following fields: marketing and social media management, game design, set building, graphic design, electronics & programming, business administration and everyone else who likes to work in the unusual field of building adventures. Specifically we currently need a competent marketing intern that can spread the word, and build up hype, for the innovative real-life experiences we are currently developing.


You will work with the founders and other employees to build the reputation and co-operations in the near future, think along with ways to grow and achieve our goals. You need to be open minded to different aspects of the company. We require people to be able to jump in and help their colleagues in any task and are not only concentrated on their own part, but rather see their work as part of a whole.

At the same time, you set your own goals as well, and what you would like to learn and
achieve during your time with us. We will match the skills you have with what needs to be done, as well as take in consideration what you like to do what matches your skills. You can be sure you will be challenged. We require you to provide the same high standard of work.

Who do we like to work with
The Logic Locks team is comprised of people who are punctual, team oriented, goal driven,
proactive, and highly motivated to make the best real life gaming experiences. We require the same from all our team members, so they can fit into the company culture.

Your will have to work largely on your own or with other apprentices, so you will have
to be very independent, self-supportive, proactive and outgoing and you have to be able to manage your own time in view of the goals to be achieved. We will have team meetings at least once every two weeks accompany this with team activities every few weeks.
Depending on your prior skills and what you are good at, in combination with what needs to
be done and what you like to do, you will be able to earn experience in the following:

Team work, schedules, decision making, project management, game & concept design,
event planning, writing skills in various levels, strategic planning, time management, human resource management, multimedia, social media, and more. You can also improve some other qualities such as self-confidence, results-driven attitude, dealing with complex challenges and team spirit.

Do you /are you . . ?
Believe in a better world; environmentally safe and friendly; social; passionate about
games and high quality experiences; positive impact oriented; a believer in a
fair society; rational; logical; good hearted; make sense; enjoy a good laugh;
know that every individual has the right to have fun and create mind altering

Yes to all? Wow… then you are even more than welcome to join us ;-)



Along with co-owners, set vision and goals for online and local presence
Develop and implement strategic project plan and tracking system in alignment to vision and goals
Conduct analysis and adjust project plan as needed
Manage website redesign as needed
Design and manage website and social media optimization
Monitor and post on blogs, forums and social networks
Conduct online outreach and promotion using Facebook, Instagram and more
Create signage, brochures and other printed materials
Assist in the distribution of marketing materials


Candidates applying for this internship should have basic marketing, advertising and/ or business knowledge and experience
Desired majors include Marketing, Advertising, Business, and/ or Communications
SEO and social media experience highly preferred
Creative thinker, professional and autonomous worker
Enthusiastic & outspoken
Comfortable working self-organized without direct supervision

Language Skills
The internship will involve English writing, reading and conversation skills. You need to have an excellent command of English to be able to contribute to the work. In general, communication with Dutch organizations, authorities, and people, can be done in English. All communication in the office is done in English as well. If you feel your level of English needs improvement, please take care of that before applying.

But of course we are located in the Netherlands and therefore along with English, any knowledge of the Dutch language is an advantage and will also help you with your social life. If you have time till your internship begins, we recommend you to start a Dutch online course, and put real time and effort into the task. If you will do so diligently, you will speak Dutch when you finish your internship, during of which, you will be contributing, learning, achieving, and enjoying much more.


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Verstuur je sollicitatie naar Logic Locks t.a.v. Dhr. Sander van Asseldonk.
Of bel ons voor meer informatie op 06 50802409.


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